Alexander Weinstein

The Berlin DJ Alexander Weinstein is convinced by his own style. That was always what has driven him to produce his sound to be better than others, and to break boundaries. The pleasure of producing and spinning went to him despite the many work never lost.

Shortly before the turn of the millennium he began spinning in his hometown Berlin. Meanwhile, he has been more than established in the techno scene by support of other renowned DJs. He played numerous gigs including the Trival Musical Festial in Barcelona, on the popular Nature One, the Summer Spirit and at the Tresor Berlin. He is no longer indispensable here for his fans.

He also released a lot of tracks. Whether solo, with renowned artists such as Stephan Strube or Torsten Kanzler or mixed CDs, Alexander Weinstein celebrated consistently success with his interpretation of Techno. His solo projects include for example, “It’s Time”, “Iron Breaker”, “Running Up That Hill” and “Beat It”. These tracks appeared on the label TK Records, Records and Omega or Kiddaz Records.

Nevertheless, he decided to musically evolve and slowed down the BPM to place more emphasis on the sound again. Together with Marco Remus he created a monthly party series “Come to Daddy”, which continues to be a resounding success. His own label is also in planning. Like his philosophy of life, it will have the name “SIMPLY TECHNO”.

Alex looks back on 15 years techno scene and does not think to stop it. Year after year, he puts on numerous events in Germany, Europe and around the world in order to bring his personal sound and his definition of Techno to party people, as well as the continuous development and improvement are his target and his passion.

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