Chris Kleinmann

Chris Kleinmann first came in contact with electronic music at the age of 16 and was flashed by it immediately – so much that he started his DJ career just three years later; in order to not only be a consumer of music, but a progressive activist of the scene. “I love this music, because I think, sounds are very interesting. When you hear this music and then get goosebumps, it is simply amazing! And the people who come together to this music are much more open minded and more peaceful than within other genres, which I highly appreciate!” says the Berlin based artist.

Chris has started his journey in small underground clubs in Berlin with a wild mix of Minimal, Tech-House and Techno. In order to eliminate this chaos on his own, he took the road of Techno. The right decision, as the future proves.

After his set at the “New Faces”-party at the legendary Tresor, Torsten Kanzler came over and offered him the opportunity to play at his “Kanzlernacht”. Even today, Chris Kleinmann often plays together with Tosten Kanzler at several events. Since then, he can also be seen at other clubs like M.I.K.Z. In August 2012 an accident forced Chris to a temporary end of his DJ gigs. But such a stroke of fate did not pull him down, but rather motivated him to focus more on music production in that time. Shortly after that his first EP was released on the label “favor.” in January 2013 and other EPs and remixes are already in the pipeline.

And he started DJing again also. “Playing in front of an audience is always very exciting to me, since I’m really shy in front of strangers and crowds. So each performance is like a little therapy session for me, but the desire to tell a story to the people via the music, erases all potential fears.” Shy or not, Chris Kleinmann is a unique DJ with a very individual sound that encourages the crowds to a common Techno therapy session and transmits the power of music to all.

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