Christian Kliche

Christian Kliché was born in 1983 in Cologne, and discovered early his addiction to any kind of percussions and percussion instruments. His clock accuracy was quickly recognized by his former drum teacher whereupon he got a place at the Remscheid Academy of Music in 1994. Udo Women, drummer of the famous rock band “Judas Preast” was his mentor at the time, and Christian was elected three times in a row as the best newcomer North Rhine Westphalia. In 1998, Christian discovered Tribehouse, which was his first step into electronic music. Constantly driven by his ambition and his newfound passion, soon he got his first turntable.

In 2008 he played his first opening in El Devino on Ibiza followed by countless gigs at famous venues like Tresor in Berlin, the Douala in Ravensburg or the Elektroküche in Cologne. For more than 4 years in a row now Christian Kliché plays alongside known acts like “Brian Sanhaji” or “Dr. Motte” at the “Nature One” festival or the “Ruhr in Love” and many other major festivals. 2015 his vinyl EP “Tightrope” was charted as number 1 at the deejay.de Techno charts!

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