Mike Wall

Mike Wall is the owner of the Berlin label “Wall Music” which publishes since 2010 not only digital productions. On “Wall Music Limited” selected tracks are published on vinyl.

2008 Mike was more into Deep-House with his label “Orphism Recordings”. Since the opening of the international famous Berlin club „Suicide Circus“ he is resident DJ there. For many years he has been working together with renowned artists on numerous projects. Originally, however, Mike Wall comes from Miro war Lärz, where the well-known “Fusion” Festival has its roots.

His style is very monotonous and always varied at the same time – a sound that lovers of techno music immediately shoots down the legs. To combine different styles and to achieve a whole new versatility is his talent, for example it is reflected in his track “1407” on the double-vinyl album “Three” again.

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