Robert Egenolf

Very early he was fascinated by sounds and bass by dubbed tapes from Mayday, Time Warp, or Nature One. Since that time his passion grow inexorably to the music genre that originated once in the city of Detroit. In 2005 his first turntables took a small desk almost entirely in possession. It followed first appearances at smaller events around his hometown, where he got his first experience as a DJ.

In 2008 not only the size of his desk, but also its equipment repertoire and musical field of activity grew. Pure mixing of tracks no longer sufficed him. He wanted to join hihats, kicks, harmonious bass in about eight minutes. he increased his skills and enthusiasm for music continuously.

In 2010 he worked as part of the DJ duo “DRES 430” with an equally experienced DJ-colleagues in the Thuringian club landscape and both learned very much from each other. From 2011 he creates his own style and includes his ideas of techno into his sets.

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