The Berlin techno DJ Sub: Solid impresses with his very own interpretation of Techno. Tim, as he’s real name, was born in Berlin. After his education he soon discovered his love for music. Driven by HipHop and artists such as the Beastie Boys, and Big Easy E. L, he finally arrived at Metal and hard rock. These impacts can be heard in his sound even today. If you ask him about his style, he describes this dark, dirty and powerfull – a classic sound from Berlin Berghain.

He started to produce Sub:Solid because his idea of Techno – which is not the sound of most clubs. Tim interpreted Techno just completely different, and perhaps that’s his secret recipe because although he started DJing in 2010 and with the producing in 2012, he played in numerous well-known clubs, including in Berlin’s trendy cult Tresor, Suicide Circus, Mikz and in many more.

Sub:Solid plays currently 15 to 25 gigs a year. He recorded his biggest success when he made his debut in the aforementioned club Tresor in Berlin where he was discovered as part of a new faces night. Friends who brought him to spin records, support him even today, including the well-known artist Torsten Kanzler.

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