Timothy Hora

Timothy Hora began as a graphic and media designer before he discovered his love for electronic music. Initially he worked as a VJ and later as a promoter / booker before he was active as a DJ himself. Since 2015 he started the Techno Label BERLIN UNDERGROUND. The first releases are expected this summer

His sound is clearly Techno / Dark Techno and defined by particularly driving, heavy bass tracks.

He has been in many prestigious venues such as TRESOR (Berlin), Magdalena (formerly, Maria, Berlin), M-Bia (Berlin), Humboldhain (Berlin), Ginsekatze (Munich), Nachtschicht (Dachau) Bullit Club (prev. Harry Klein, Munich), Volt Club (Graz), Tinquilla Bar (Lisboa), Fifty-Five (Aachen), 100Quadrat (Rosenheim), SaKoG (Salzburg), Studio21 (Innsbruck), Q-West (Kufstein) and many others, brought the audience to sweat.

On stage, he was with known acts such as Kerstin Eden, Rebekah, Emerson, Chris Colburn, Simo Lorenz, Alex Bau, Torsten Kanzler, Virgil Enzinger, Marco Remus, Florian Meindl, A-Brothers, Felix Kröcher, Toni Rios, Dusty Kid, Solee, Sam Paganini, Format: B, and many more…

In August 2016 he release his first single together with Virgil Enzinger on “Berlin Underground”. It is also already a remix of “Maik Davis – Rivals” on the way, which will be published in the summer of 2015 the label “AK-Lieder”.

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