#BU001 – Shuffle Panic

Black Edition

The EP “Shuffle Panic” is the result of a collaboration between Alexander Weinstein and Chris Kleinmann on the newly founded Techno label “Berlin Underground”, making its debut with “Shuffle Panic”. Brian Sanhaij took the mastering.

The joint production “Shuffle Panic” by Alexander Weinstein and Chris Kleinmann proves their trained sense for techno and their own soundscapes for many years , as well as the outstanding compatibility of their synergy.

In “Shuffle Panic” a world of dominant, meditative rhythms and subtle soundscapes is created, sending you into a technoid adventure.

The journey begins in the first track “Running Man” with a continuously rising, threatening melody that piles up like a growing beanstalk sending the listener further up into the adventure. It increases progressively further with “The Kick” to the final number “Step”, in which the journey reaches its finale, topping off the EP in a outstanding manner.





  • DJ Warp: This is TECHNO !!! Great release !! will play “The Kick “!!!
  • Bodyscrub: Nice release, Running Man for me!
  • HOURS: I Like T-Step! Thanks for the music!
  • Stefano Infusino: Very cool tracks, will play! thx
  • Patrick Solé: The Kick for me!! love it.
  • Diction: Nice release! “T-Step” is our favorite! Will try for sure, thanks!
  • Pierre Deutschmann: great release … t-step for me thx
  • dvlpr: cool release will play thanks
  • deKai: The Kick ist mein Ding die andren beiden sind mir zu Minimal.
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