#BU005 – Street

Black Edition

Bassart, born in 1982 near Dresden, had the first contact with electronic music in the 5th grade in music lessons with Tomita’s album “Pictures at an Exhibition”. Since then, he was excited by the possibilities of sound synthesis.

On the radio he heard every Friday the Broadcast of Hardsequencers – later Hardy Hard – Friday Scence. He started buying records and learned the basics of djing from the Friday Scene residents Djs Little M – later Mike Dub) Jan Sun. With 15 years he played his first shows at the “Brotfabrik” Pirna.

With the end of the legendary clubs like Flugzeugwerft, Base & Object 1996/1997 he was experiencing the spirit of the old Dresdner Techno movement live. Artists such as Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, DJ Hell and Sven Väth impressed his definition of Techno. The famous X-Mix compilations from K7! are still groundbreaking for him.

In 2012 the dub techno label melted Recordings from Dresden published his interpretation of the “Echtzeit” tracks “Three” on vinyl. In 2015 a Bassart remix of Timothy Horas & Virgil Enzingers “Schlafendes Feuer” was released.

In his debut single “Street EP” he combines his sources of inspiration, and his understanding of the entire Techno movement in 3 tracks. Typo corresponds to his perception of the current time – dynamic, mystical and impulsive. Leafes continues this signature – deep und dirty.

Classic shows the effect of electronic music without cakes and fireworks in a simple, elegant way – only music matters. Florian Meinl mastered the tracks perfectly as he already did with Bassarts remix on the BU002. The cover painted his 3 year old son Romeo Neol, as the title of the EP reveals, on the street.





  • Patrick DSP: nice release. thanks.
  • Minitech: Thanks for the stuff !
  • DJ Warp: nice release ! Heavy TECHNO soundz !!!!!!
  • Tony Vegazz: great & artistic release, thanks for the music!
  • Stefano Infusino: Nice tracks, thx
  • Bodyscrub: nice release, thanks!
  • Chris Koegler: yeah!!!! Big stuff and good work! Thanks – Will Play it
  • Bruno Ledesma: Awesome tracks!
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