#BU007 – Farside

Black Edition

Orlando Solis is an American electronic music producer and DJ from Chicago, and son of successful musician Jose Luis Napoleon Solis. The techno aficionado can now be found playing some of the world’s most renowned places such as Berlin’s Berghain, Spain’s Fabrik, Vienna’s Camera Club, Nature One, and Def-Con 1 festival. Known for running the label Impact Mechanics, Orlando Solis own productions can also be found on the pristine label Mote Evolver, after successfully touring Europe several times in 2010, his appearance has been in demand each and every year.

Submerge’s technical knowledge has landed him an endorsement by the respectable company Allen and Heath and his knowledge of IT has also landed him work at the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Orlando also performs live under the alias Impact Mechanics and his music is being played by some of the biggest acts.





  • 2Loud: Horizon and Triumph for me! thx
  • Alexander Weinstein: great ep, full support.
  • Mintech: Fat release….Well done! Support
  • Ryuji Takeuchi: great as always, really like submerge touch.
  • Mike Wall: Dicke ep…danke..
  • Deh Noizer: Solid state is loud
  • Electrorites: Great tracks!Support
  • Stefano Infusino: Farside and Solid State are great! will try for sure! thx
  • Kerstin Eden: nice pack, thx
  • DJ Warp: will play “Triumph” very nice groove and deep sound !! I like it !!!!
  • Chris Koegler: Horizone for me, thanks!
  • BLankCode: Great release! Will use all of them.
  • Trysh Alexander: Triumph for me thanks! Trysh Alexander
  • bassart: this is true spirit. Triumph is my favorite one.
  • Ixel: farside for me. thx for sending.
  • Hours: Solid State for me. Thanks!
  • Diction: nice!, thanks!
  • Tony Vegazz: Massive release, really diggin’ Orlando’s work! thx for the music
  • Lukas Stern: Farside for me!
  • DJ Shiva: Triumph is the one that stands out for me. 🙂
  • Marky: nice release.. ich denke davon werde ich alles spielen. danke !!
  • dvlpr: first two ill play ! thanks guys
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