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#BU012 – Flux

#BU012 – Flux

Label: Berlin Underground

Release date: 2017-05-01

Catalog number: BU012

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Morph (Original Mix)
Christian Kliche
Peak (Original Mix)
Christian Kliche
Two System (Original Mix)
Christian Kliche
Two System (Mix 2)
Christian Kliche

Christian Kliché is back with new beats. “Flux” is the name of his new masterpiece and it brings you four new bass-heavy tracks. The trip starts with “Morph”, which is followed by “Peak” and “Two System”. The EP contains an additional mix-version of “Two System”.

Every single track offers the finest hearing pleasure: “Morph” introduces you to the musical journey and leads you to “Peak”, a track that already might blast you away. The real peak of the musical mountain is reached by “Two System”, with a beat that makes it impossible to sit still. By the time “Two System Mix2” gets played, every bass-loving person will be on the dance floor.

As we can see, Christian Kliché has remained truthful to his drumming-roots – and we all thank him for that.





  • Ontolog: Sehr solides Material zum Stampfen 🙂
  • Electrorites: Garth tracks … “Christian Klichè – Peak” is my fav! Thanks
  • DJ Warp: Amazing release !!!! This is what I need !!!! Great Techno !!!!! will play some tracks in Japan !
  • Silentcell: very good track, thanks for the promo
  • Kerstin Eden: peak & morph for me, thx
  • Bruno Ledesma: Peak !!
  • Tony Vegazz: great release – ‘Morph’ is a beast! thx for the music
  • MZR: two system for me. great release
  • Paco Osuna: Will try thanks 😉
  • Bassart: Deep & Dirty. Full Support!
  • Patrick DSP: Nice release. thanks!
  • Linus Quick: Amazing EP! Full Support 😉 Regards, Linus Quick.



Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati