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Originally “This is Berlin Underground” was a series of events starting in 2010 with the aspiration of promoting Berlin Underground Techno and spreading it to various locations all over Europe. This network prospered fast, turning into a cross-boarder venture, connecting artists in different countries bonded by their love for this kind of music.

We see ourselves as an antipole to the increasing commercialization and selllout of electronic dance music, while we try our best to avoid to be limited to one site or city, for that matter…


Therefore the obvious choice was to use Berlin as the symbol for this project to propagate the spirit of the scene, as it is well-known as the birthplace of Techno in Europe.

The self-conception of “Berlin Underground” can best be understood as a platform for the collective display of most distinct artists, with the attempt of circulating them transnationally.

It’s our firm belief that only by standing together these alarming developments of the scene can be fought.

Since its evolution Techno stood for the unity, love and enthusiasm of individuals who joined forces in support of this special music – the Techno-Movement.

To ensure and preserve these values via output as well, we additionally decided in 2015 on founding a record label by the name of “Berlin Underground”. We are fully conscious of the responsibility towards the scene this decision implies. Because of that we are open for and want to encourage both honest criticism and positive feedback.

Tastes differ, as everybody knows, and since the birth of the term “Techno” there’s a fierce debate about what “Techno” actually means; Through the means of “Berlin Underground” we want to spread our interpretation and idea of “Techno”.

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