#BU010 – ONE

Black Edition

Originally This is Berlin Underground was a series of events starting in 2010 with the aspiration of promoting Berlin Underground Techno and spreading it to various locations all over Europe. This network prospered fast, turning into a cross-boarder venture, connecting artists in different countries bonded by their love for this kind of music.We see ourselves as an antipole to the increasing commercialization and selllout of electronic dance music, while we try our best to avoid to be limited to one site or city, for that matterTastes differ, as everybody knows, and since the birth of the term Techno there’s a fierce debate about what Techno actually means; Through the means of Berlin Underground we want to spread our interpretation and idea of Techno.





  • Caspian: all this ep is really solid stuff love all the track really !
  • Ketch: 😀 thanks again
  • BLankCode: Nice release. Thanks!
  • DJ Warp: will play „Ketch – Sloth“ and „Tom Cerrox – Stewmaker“
  • Kerstin Eden: cool pack with many fitting tracks for me, thx
  • Alexander Weinstein: great compi! thumps up for berlin underground!
  • Jamie Bissmire: Eduard Szilagyi – Bad Memories is the one for me, excellent track. will play and support.
  • Stafano Infusino: Cool package! thx
  • Bruno Ledesma: Great release, What? and Ark for me
  • Diction: thanks for the music!
  • Tony Vegazz: now this is a compilation! thx for the music
  • Ontolog: Super Zusammenstellung. Mastering TOP! Alle Tracks gemeinsam würden ein fettes Berlin-Underground „One“ DJ-Set ergeben. Wirklich schwierig einen Favorite Track zu wählen. Hier meine Top 3 im ersten Durchlauf: 1 Eduard Szilagyi – Bad Memories 2 Christian Klichè – Plasma 3 Torsten Kanzler – ADE Dies könnte sich natürlich nach mehrmaligen Hören wieder ändern! Besten Dank dafür LG Didi (Ontolog)
  • Sub:Solid: Support the whole Sampler Great stuff!!!
  • Eduard Szilagyi: great release,plenty of powerful tracks…thanks!
  • Vidrik: Great, big up!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Slam: Thanx
  • Chris Koegler: nothing more to say. We are One 😉
  • Bassart: awesome sampler!
  • Pierre Deutschmann: great collection thx
  • Ketch: Loving this…proud of the result..can’t wait for my cd copy.
  • DJ Arcane: Timothy Hora – New Paths Maik Davis – Screen Pierre Deutschmann – LFO Rate Ontolog – Ark for me! Thanks will play try them in my next podcast
  • Maik Davis: Great!
  • Paco Osuna: Will try thanks 😉



Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati

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